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Providing ‘first-stop and one-stop’ project co-ordination services

The Government has been providing ‘first-stop and one-stop’ cross-bureaux and inter-departmental consultation and co-ordination services to facilitate innovative development projects that will contribute to achieving the Government’s policy objectives. The services were provided by small dedicated offices in Development Bureau during 2009-2012 and in the Chief Secretary for Administration (CS)’s Office during 2012-2017. The general feedback from the project proponents and different sectors of the community has been very positive.

The Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office (“PICO”) will provide ‘first-stop and one-stop’ consultation and co-ordination services with a view to maximising benefits to society. Following the established practices, PICO will offer co-ordinated advisory services to innovative projects with broader economic and social merits initiated by non-profit organisations or private sector proponents, but will not take over the role of the relevant policy bureaux and departments, which will continue to take charge of the relevant detailed assessment, vetting, negotiation and approval processes.

The objectives and eligibility criteria of the consultation and co-ordination services provided by PICO and the transparency arrangements are set out in the <<Guidance Notes for Proponents of Land Development Projects Requesting First-stop and One-stop Consultation and Co-ordination Services from the Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office>> (<<Guidance Notes>>). Project proponents interested in seeking PICO’s services should complete the form attached to the Guidance Notes and return to us by email (, by mail or in person.