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List of Possible Research Topics

The Assessment Panel has identified the following possible topics for the special round of the Public Policy Research Funding Scheme –

(1) Underlying causes of the recent social incidents (including the socio-demographic characteristics of the participants)

(2) The public’s attitude to violence or “mutual destruction”

(3) Governance and political and constitutional development

(4) Public participation in Government’s policy-making process

(5) Cultural values, perception and sense of identity

(6) The orientation of young people and school education

(7) Development opportunities and upward mobility of young people

(8) The impacts and importance of social media on social and political development

(9) Social reconciliation strategies

(10) Mental health of the general public, psychosocial support and rehabilitation

(11) Communication, support and conflicts among family members and friends

(12) Other important political, economic, cultural and societal issues related to the deep-seated problems of society