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Indicative Research Areas & Strategic Themes

PICO has identified eight major themes for the PPR Funding Scheme, namely (a) Co-operation with the Mainland; (b) Land and Housing; (c) Economic Development; (d) Livelihood Issues; (e) Innovation and Technology; (f) Education and Youth Development; (g) Environmental Protection; and (h) Political Development and Governance with 28 indicative research areas, having regard to Hong Kong’s current and long-term development as well as needs for research on various social issues, for reference of tertiary institutions and think tanks. Applicants are encouraged to prepare proposals on these areas but are free to submit proposals on other research areas. The same assessment criteria shall apply to all applications received.

For the SPPR Funding Scheme, PICO will identify strategic themes for each year’s applications. Proposals with themes falling outside the strategic themes will not be considered generally, unless with exceptional merits. For 2021-22, PICO has identified 14 strategic themes, namely (a) Development Opportunities from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area under the National 14th Five-Year Plan; (b) “Dual Circulation” and Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership in Synergy with the Belt and Road Initiative; (c) Belt and Road Initiative: Economic and Trade Co-operation Zones; (d) Big Data / Smart City; (e) Innovation and Technology / Artificial Intelligence / Re-Industrialisation; (f) Alternative Procurement Models for Major Infrastructure Projects; (g) Developing Green Finance in Hong Kong; (h) Consolidating Hong Kong’s Position as an International Logistics Hub; (i) Transitional Housing; (j) Children, Youth and Family Development; (k) Ageing Population; (l) Healthcare Innovations in the Post-COVID 19 Pandemic Era; (m) Manpower Supply and Development and (n) Waste Management in the Post-COVID 19 Pandemic Era.