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The Chief Executive (“CE”) announced on 21 March 2018 the establishment of the CE’s Council of Advisers on Innovation and Strategic Development (“the Council”) to replace two former advisory bodies – the Commission on Strategic Development and the Economic Development Commission, both of which also used to be chaired by the CE. The Council will bring together leaders from various industries and sectors of the community to discuss and map out Hong Kong’s future development and strategies for driving innovation.

The first term of the Council is from 21 March 2018 to 30 June 2020. The Council is chaired by the CE. There are 36 non-official members and four ex-officio members, including the Chief Secretary for Administration, the Financial Secretary, the Secretary for Justice and the Director of the Chief Executive’s Office. The Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office is responsible for providing secretariat services and research support to the work of the Council.